24: “Having Hard, Honest Conversations With Yourself” (Why Not?!)

  “Of course, we all go through our own experiences. If we do not push ourselves enough, we do not grow, but if we push ourselves too much, we regress. What is enough will change, depending on where we are and what we are doing. In that sense, the present moment is always some kind […]

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Affirmation: I Allow Others to Help Me.

  Affirmation: I allow others to help me. I release the need to try to do everything myself. Other people can do things just as well as I can, and I am relieved that they are ready and willing to help me out. Letting others help me brings with it a whole world of benefits, […]

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“Using Your Self-Talk to Feel Awesome Rather than Awful”

    When we let the expectations of others or own unreasonable self-expectations rule, we silence the power of our Legacies.   Joy DeKok   Self-talk is an integral and constant of our lives. Sometimes the voice in your head is your own. Sometimes it is the voice of others. They are the recordings we […]

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23: “Think Differently, Move Forward” (Why Not?!)

  Life is not always simple, straight-forward or easy. But, that doesn’t mean that we should give up or give in. Yes, we have all been in the position of beating our heads and fits against the metaphorical wall, wondering when, and if things will ever change. Yes, we have all stumbled and fallen into […]

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Affirmation: I Avoid Conflict by Thinking Before I Speak

“There is a difference between speaking the truth in love and judging someone hypocritically… make sure you know the difference before you speak!”  Pauline Seaport     Affirmation: I avoid conflict by thinking before I speak.   I employ discretion in my speech to protect myself from regretting something I have said. Words cannot be […]

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“Free Yourself with Good Routines”

  Everyone has things they want to achieve in life. Major achievements, as well as less complex items litter our to-do lists. But, many of those things remain un-done. To reach the goals we want, we must remember to not only set goals, but to add new, or subtract old behaviors that will support the […]

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22: Are You Worthy of the Respect You Crave? (Why Not?!)

  As we try to help mold the world around us by interacting with the things that we can change, we must remember to not forget to do the internal work of changing ourselves. We have talked in the past about perseverance, self-mastery and control. But, I am talking about something deeper than that today. […]

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Affirmation: I Welcome Change

  Affirmation: I welcome change in my career, attitude, behavior, and lifestyle.   Change is a good thing, and I let go of any tendency to resist it. Change is a catalyst that can bring me many benefits in every area of my life. Changes in my career can result in good fortune. Is my […]

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“Working to Affirm Others and Ourselves”

“I am powerful in my love for myself. The truth of my being is I love myself exactly as I am. I honor my empowered heart.”  Amy Leigh Mercree   Valentine’s Day is approaching. And, like many other days, it is wonderful for many, and dreary for others. But, as you have read here time, […]

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Lighting Up Customers With Sprinkles [Guest Post by, .@ChipBell]

    Today was my semi-annual dental cleaning. My dentist, Dr. Norm Lee, is a big fan of “only cleaning the teeth you plan to keep!” I got more than clean teeth; I got service with sprinkles. But, I am getting way ahead of myself.   My teeth cleaning started with a text two weeks […]

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21: “Setting and Keeping Your Boundaries Intact” (Why Not?!)

  Setting Boundaries It is often difficult to maintain the boundaries of our lives. We over- promise, over-commit, and say, “Yes” far too often, and then we are left chastising ourselves for not being stronger. For not standing tough in the face of one more boundary being knocked aside and crossed. Most of the boundaries […]

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Affirmation: I Relinquish Control of the Need to Do Everything Myself

  “Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.” Deborah Reber Affirmation: I relinquish control of the need to do everything myself.   I let go of the thought that everything depends on me, and freely pass on […]

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20: How Long Are You Going to “Should” Yourself? (Why Not?!)

 “How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’.” ~ Martin Luther   Goals and “Shoulds” The end of every year and the beginning of every year we beat ourselves up with goal-setting. All the stuff that we really want to get done, and all the stuff we feel we feel we really “should” get done. What’s the […]

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Affirmation: I use Time Wisely to Create Fresh Opportunities

    Affirmation: I use time management to create fresh opportunities. Developing my time management skills not only makes me more efficient, giving me more time for the things I want to do, but it also brings new opportunities for success. Each day, I am sure to include some time to complete tasks that move […]

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