Musings + Affirmations: I study my behaviors to make myself better

self study


I study myself more than any other subject.
That is my metaphysics, that is my physics.

Affirmation: I study my own behaviors to make myself better.

Having intimate knowledge of myself facilitates my efforts at self-improvement. Knowing who I am allows me to see my strengths. It also allows me to see my shortcomings and enables me to work at decreasing or eliminating them.

I have in mind a mental blueprint of the person I wish to be.

I take the time necessary to reflect on my words and actions, and to determine if those behaviors exemplify this person. I look at that blueprint every day and take the necessary steps to match my actions with it.

I acknowledge that I sometimes simply react instead of thinking first. I am human. I can get so worked up by others or by unpleasant life situations that my feelings overshadow my goal.

I am a conscious being. I am instantly aware when I disappoint myself by giving into the negative emotions. When that happens, I take the steps needed to renew my focus. I realign my actions with my blueprint and all is right and well with my world once again.


Today, I vow to remain on course and aware of the person I want to be.


I commit to carefully assessing my actions to ensure that they are aligned with my behavioral goals.


Homework/ Self-Reflective Questions Journal Prompts:

1. Do I truly listen to the feedback from others about my behaviors?

2. Is there room for improvement where my behaviors are concerned?

3. How many times do I allow myself to make the same mistake?


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  1. says

    Thank you, Martina. I was berating myself for not having trained for a 5K race as I had intended to. Now I can do something more useful with that information. Reflect on my vision for myself. Reflect on what happened. And do better next time.

    • says

      Glad it helped Susan. Yes, we are all much tougher on ourselves than we tend to be on most other people. As the Maya Angelou quote says, “When we know better, we do better.” Also when we know ourselves better we can do better and do different.



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