Enemies of Adaptive Energy and An Antidote

Leadership and the Art of Struggle, Steven Snyder



Enemies of Adaptive Energy and An Antidote

Adaptive energy is the force that propels you to reach your dreams, pointing you toward the goal line and warning when you go off course.  Steven Snyder

Adaptive energy is the energy we need to move productively forward, to stay focused on what we desire, to become the people we want to be and lives the lives we intend to live.

Here are three enemies to adaptive energy:

Fear. In his book, Leadership and the Art of Struggle, Steven Snyder notes that fear is the greatest adversary of adaptive energy. I recently received a card in the mail that expressed that sentiment: Everything You Want is On the Other Side of Fear. Fear can sap our energy and keep us from moving to the lives we want.

Conflict. When I experience conflict in my relationships, work or home, I can feel my energy draining. The conflict distracts me and diverts me from my most important priorities.

Worry. Worry is a cousin of fear, and an enemy of energy. If you are worrying, you aren’t moving forward. Worry could keep you awake at night, and worry could crowd your mind, stealing away your ability to think creatively about solutions to the challenges you are facing.

The antidote to the enemies of adaptive energy, according to Snyder, is self-awareness. When we are thoughtful and aware, we can channel our energy more purposefully.

Which of these enemies are you facing on your leadership journey? How can self-awareness be a key to helping you gain more adaptive energy?


Steven Snyder’s book Leadership and the Art of Struggle inspired this guest blog post by Becky Robinson.  This week is the official launch of the book. You can buy it on Amazon or read a free preview and learn more at snyderleadership.com.

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